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"Reeling from the shock, grief, and sorrow that accompanied my discovery of infidelity after decades of marriage, and then subsequent abandonment, I discovered Attorney Carrie Buscarini. At a time in my life when I was trying to make sense of the insensible and navigate through a long, contentious divorce, Carrie provided the calming influence and guiding hand I so desperately needed. Quite simply, Carrie is the epitome of what every family law attorney should aspire to be. She is intelligent, tenacious, diligent, thorough and intuitive. Her ability to anticipate possible strategy and maneuvers by opposing counsel never ceased to amaze me, as did her ability to explain complicated legal concepts in layman’s terms. Carrie’s office was run like a well-tuned machine, much to the credit of her paralegal Kasie. Emails and calls were always promptly returned in the most courteous of manners; no question was left unanswered and no concern was ever minimized or ignored."

"Personally, Carrie was patient to a fault, a calming influence and guiding hand on my worst days. She was a relentless advocate for my needs and never failed to inquire about the welfare of my two adult daughters. On days I felt discouraged and hopeless she encouraged me and commented upon my strength. Her kindness, concern, and empathy were palpable. Although she would always say I was "the boss" when it came to my case and decisions that needed to be made, being her client was MY privilege. I hold Carrie in the highest regard. I am proud to say Attorney Carrie Buscarini represented me."
Diane Olenick

"My experience with the Buscarini Law Firm was beyond exceptional. Despite the complexity and delicacy of my case, the office handled it with the utmost care and expertise. They were professional, efficient and sensitive to me personally and to my situation as a whole. I am grateful that Carrie Buscarini was referred to me."

"I had recently hired Attorney Buscarini to handle my divorce case. I wanted a lawyer that would protect my interests and provide the framework for an amicable divorce that allowed both parties to be able to leave with dignity. What I found was a law firm that was professional, very knowledgeable and responsive. Carrie is an exceptional attorney, her in-depth knowledge of family law and insight protected the rights and wellbeing of myself and my children as well as provided a framework that would enable all parties involved to be able to quickly adapt to a newer, happier life. I found the other staff members at Buscarini Law Firm to share that same level of professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness. All my questions and requests were handled in an utmost professional manner. Correspondence and phone calls were given such attentiveness, that I felt that my case was as important to them as it was to me. I would highly recommend Buscarini Law Firm to anyone in need of an excellent family law attorney."

"I came to the Buscarini Law Firm at a very difficult time in my life. Carrie immediately put me at ease. She is easy to talk to. She listens intently and with compassion. My interest (best) were always foremost. Carrie pays attention to fine detail and always followed through with whatever I requested in a timely fashion. Carrie was always available when I needed her; always returning my calls. She achieved for me the end result I needed. Carrie and Jennifer are very personable while always being professional. Talking with Carrie is like talking to a good friend. Highly recommended."

“The Buscarini Law Firm has mastered the work of Domestics. As a client, you will never feel as though you are another “number” as is the case with very large less personal law firms, however, will still receive the same powerful results. The staff and Attorney Buscarini are very accessible and extremely knowledgeable and have the ability to make your priorities theirs. The firm practices with a sense of morality that separates them from the rest, which is self evident in the courtroom!”
James Arscott

“Carrie and her team managed my separation with empathy, professionalism and kindness. The subject of separation, divorce and custody can be painful and emotional. I felt it was important to enter this challenging life event with legal counsel that not only respected me, but also respected my spouse and most importantly respected my children. The goal was not to beat the other side, but rather reach a place as accommodating as possible knowing pain and frustration is involved. Carrie and her team represented my wishes and delivered on that goal. Carrie can be aggressive if she needs to be, but also accommodating to move the process forward.”

“The entire staff of the Buscarini Law Firm is very professional and excellent with addressing any questions I had in a very timely manner. I was in the middle of a very nasty divorce and custody battle. Carrie always has my best interest, extremely professional, is up to date with current family law, and is very good under pressure. She’s gone above and beyond to prevent any emotional damage a divorce may have had on my children. If you are looking for a dedicated, hard-working attorney who will stand up for what’s right, the Buscarini Law Firm is the only place you need to look!”

“Got my divorce finalized, had to fire one “Bad” lawyer before coming here. Price was good. Very professional, liked getting itemized bills and good communication with office.”

“Carrie and Jen, Thank you so much for all you did for us. We felt “at home” coming into your office and talking with the both of you. We couldn’t be happier with your services and personal touch on it all. Thank you for making us an “official” family.”
Angelo and Rebecca Souflis

“The Buscarini Law Firm has been more than amazing to me in this very difficult time of my life. Often times I felt so burdened by this process, but the respect, dignity and reassurance that I was given encouraged me to keep going. There was never a day where I felt unimportant or misunderstood. Although I knew there were several clients, I always felt that I was the only one because of the personal attention to my inquiries. All areas were covered and I was given my life back. I’m so grateful to have been in the care of the Buscarini Law Firm. I couldn’t have been in better hands. Thank you so very much Buscarini Law Firm. You are the best!”
N. Banatte

“Thank you for giving my life back.”
E. Reynolds

“I just want to thank you for your patience and understanding. It is deeply appreciated.”
K. Klick

“I can never thank you enough for coming to my aid at one of my darkest hours. You are a rare gem in your profession and a truly compassionate and caring person. I will never forget what you have done for me.”
L. Munley

"I felt Attorney Buscarini took a personal interest in me, which made me feel more at ease throughout my difficult situation. Both she and her staff made me feel as if I was the only client and not just another file. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of counsel. I am grateful and honored to have had her on my side."
R. Portonova

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Carrie and Jennifer for all they've done for me during this life changing event. The knowledge, professionalism and compassion they've demonstrated throughout this process has far exceeded my expectations. They went above and beyond to ensure that my best interests were their top priority. In my opinion, the Buscarini Law Firm is the best choice you can make for the difficult decision you need to make!”
W. Kishel

"The Buscarini Law Firm handled my case in an organized manner. It was a very positive experience for me."
C. Beccaloni

“Attorney Buscarini guided me through a very difficult, emotionally charged chapter of my life. She addressed my concerns, protected my legal rights and encouraged me to stay strong. She, along with Jennifer, continually communicated with me. There was not a moment in time that I was worried that she wasn’t on my side. As challenging as a divorce was, particularly with children and custody, Attorney Buscarini made it seem simple and helped me to understand every step of the process. Thank you Carrie!”
T. Hannah

“During one of the most difficult times in my life the Buscarini Law Firm was there for me. Every time I called the law office the staff at the Buscarini Law Firm listened and responded to all of my questions and concerns in regard to my current separation and pending divorce of my husband. Although at times I felt I was being a pest to the staff, not one time did the Buscarini Law Firm act uninterested. They instead tried to look at the whole picture. I really appreciate that and thank the staff of the Buscarini Law Firm for all the kind support.”
K. LaMagna

“Very pleased with Buscarini Law Firm and supporting staff. Representation and support were 1st class. All questions and conversations answered in timely manner. Meetings always on time. I feel outcome of my situation was in my favor due to knowledge and diligence of Attorney Buscarini. I would not hesitate to recommend representation of Buscarini Law Firm.”
W. Faltynowicz

“I cannot say enough positive things about the Buscarini Law Firm and specifically Attorney Buscarini. Spending my whole life on the right side of the law left me terrified and unprepared when my daughter was facing criminal charges. Attorney Buscarini was incredibly kind, caring, attentive and knowledgeable. I would recommend the Buscarini Law Firm to anyone without hesitation. I regret that my writing skills do not do justice to Attorney Buscarini and her firm.”
R. Foley

“Carrie and Jennifer treated me with the utmost kindness and respect. They became like a close friend. Despite all the adverse activity in my divorce case, they were kind and thorough and timely. I felt I was treated fairly and charged fairly.”
A. Mancuso

“Sadly, custody issues are not limited to parents. There are heartbroken Grandparents among us denied the right to see one of the greatest gifts God could ever give – a Grandchild. We, unfortunately, were one of them. Trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable well describes the Buscarini Law Firm. I would like to add compassionate, understanding, respectful and sincere to that list. Along with expert legal advice, we also received the personal support needed to get us through such a trying ordeal. We were quickly reunited with our Grandchild with custody on a regular basis. Thanks to Attorney Buscarini and her staff we will no longer question would life would be like without the joy only a Grandchild can bring. Should you be in need of an attorney then obviously something needs to be addressed. The Buscarini law Firm handled our situation with compassion and respect on both a professional and personal level. With our mind at ease our circumstances were approached with confidence.”
D. O’Brien

“Carrie and her team are true professionals that are very in tune with the specialized law that they practice but also have a very compassionate way about them. They care about their clients in what normally are very trying situations. That can make all of the difference in the world.”
T. McMahon

“I retained Carrie as my divorce attorney, and found her to be extremely helpful, supportive, and responsive. I've heard horror stories from those who have used other attorneys (e.g., slow to respond, quick to dismiss concerns, pressuring clients to accept their opinion, etc.), and found Carrie to be none of those things. Always a good listener, she'll fight hard when you need her to, and be the diplomat you want when negotiations are delicate. I highly recommend her!”

“When I found myself needing a divorce attorney, I knew I would work best with someone who listened to my concerns and understood my priorities. I immediately felt comfortable with atty Buscarini whose initial questions in our first meeting were about the well being of my young children. My situation was not straight forward and I was consistently impressed with atty Buscarini’s expertise and professionalism. The preparation that she and Jennifer did for the Master’s hearing was thorough and Carrie’s conduct in the proceedings was exceptional. She was a strong advocate for me and she orchestrated a satisfying resolution to a very difficult situation. I was pleased with atty Buscarini’s work and would strongly recommend her firm.”

"I was very pleased with the way in which Attorney Buscarini and her staff handled my divorce. They gave me the opportunity to research a few things that in the long run saved me unnecessary expense. They were courteous and understanding and handled all aspects of my divorce in a very professional manner. I would definitely recommend the Buscarini Law Firm for any legal issues divorce or otherwise A+."
Joseph Borgna

"I felt safe and secure having Carrie and her staff on my side. Carrie went above and beyond in my opinion helping me deal with my situation."
Margaret Kelleher

"I had an excellent experience with The Buscarini Law Firm. The staff was very professional and always responded to questions that I would ask. Attorney Buscarini gave great advice on how to handle my case. She looked for the best solution for everyone involved and was very understanding of the emotions surrounding my divorce. I felt very comfortable talking to her about delicate issues and the nuances of my case. At the same time, I felt that she was all business when it came to getting the best settlement for me. I would highly recommend The Buscarini Law Firm."
L. Christianson

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